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W A L L  &  F L O O R  T I L E S  

Take a look at our huge selection of wall and floor tiles. Majority of the below are held in stock subject to quantities needed and also ON DISPLAY in our Studio.
Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message.
We also allow our customers to take home full size samples to ensure it's the right tile for you - or we can create a mood board here in the showroom to help visualise! 


Adria Mocha. Large format floor and wall tile. Stone effect tile

Adria Mocha 120x60

Adria Mocha is one of our large format tiles. A beautiful vein print runs through each one and gives off a lot of warmth. We tend to pair it with 'Amalfi Beige'

Amalfi Beige 100x50 Natural Stone Effect Porcelain

Amalfi Beige 100x50

Amalfi Beige is a large format tile with a very neutral, natural feel. Looking like a honed stone. It has a satin sheen and also has it's very own décor tile. 

Amalfi Decor 100x50 Stunning Feature Tile for a warm, neutral room.

Amalfi Decor 100x50

The feature tile to Amalfi Beige. Perfect as a feature above a bath, or on a vanity wall. This tile stays neutral but has a subtle effect that is sure to catch the eye. 

Alanya Beige - Large format, polished gloss beige tile with stunning vein.

Alanya Beige 120x60

A stunning large format, glossy tile with a striking vein. Can be used with Alanya Gris, or alone!

Alanya Gris - Large format grey and brown polished gloss tile. Perfect for a stunning feature in a bathroom

Alanya Gris 120x60

The Alanya Gris is a polished tile with many tones flowing through it, keeping it warm. It can be used with the beige to create a contrasting look.

Alpen Ice 60x30 stone effect porcelain tile

Alpen Ice 60x30

A matt tile, perfect for walls and floors for anywhere in the house! Natural stone effect with varying light grey tones. 

Alpen Grey , Floor or wall tile with a natural stone effect

Alpen Grey 60x60

Matt, porcelain tile. Wall and floor suitable. Great for high traffic areas.

Alba - polished gloss wall tile marble effect with grey vein.

Alba 28x70

Ceramic wall tile with a polished gloss finish and carrara marble effect. 

Art Stone White - Beautiful, porcelain neutral tile with a natural look. Varying tones, perfect for a kitchen or conservatory floor

Art Stone White 

Porcelain wall/floor tile. Very natural feel with subtle variation in tones, can be paired with the 'Sand' or 'Grey'.; A very homely tile.

art stone grey.JPG

Art Stone Grey 60x90

Porcelain wall/floor tile. Very natural feel with subtle variation in tones. Very homely tile.

Art Stone Sand - Warm, neutral porcelain tile for walls and floors.

Art Stone Sand 

Stocked in three sizes, this warm, natural looking tile is stunning for any room of the house. 

Amarcord Corona 20x20 - feature wall/floor tile with a matt finish and creating a stunning pattern when laid in volume.

Amarcord Corona 20x20

A feature tile with an off white backing in a matt finish. This is a porcelain tile so suitable for walls and floors - perfect for a porch, kitchen splashback or even a bathroom feature wall!

Atlantis Beyaz - Polished gloss tile with soft marbling effect - warm tones

Atlantis Beyaz 120x60

Porcelain wall and floor tile 

(also available in a wall tile ONLY)

Polished gloss with a soft marbling effect. Pair it with Atlantis Ahrist

Atlantis Anhrist - large format wall and floor tile with a polished gloss finish in anthracite

Atlantis Ahrist 120x60

Porcelain wall and floor tile 

(also available in a wall tile ONLY)

Polished gloss with a soft marbling effect. Pair it with Atlantis Ahrist

Avend - Polished gloss porcelain tile Large Format

Avend 120x60

Porcelain wall and floor tile. Polished gloss, stunning and dramatic with warmer pink tones. 

board graffito.JPG

Board Graffito 

Porcelain wall and floor tile, available in a variety of sizes. 

120x60, 60x90, 60x60, 60x30

Slate effect with hints of green/blue. Stunning for any room in the house. 

bristol grey.JPG

Bristol Grey 33x66

Porcelain wall and floor tile. Smaller format with a contrasting tile Bristol Bone. 
Matt, textured tile.

bristol bone.JPG

Bristol Bone 33x66

Porcelain wall and floor tile, matt textured finish. 
Contrasting tile, Bristol Grey 

calacatta borghini_edited.jpg

Calacatta Borghini 120x60

This porcelain floor and wall tile is definitely a striking tile. A grey, dramatic vein with a pattern that allows every single tile to join up and the veins run through consistently. 

Castano Gris.JPG

Castano Gris 120x60

Porcelain, polished gloss wall and floor tile with a subtle print. Perfect with Castano Blanco

Also available in 60x60

castano blanco.JPG

Castano Blanco 120x60

porcelain polished gloss wall and floor tile with a subtle print. Perfect with Castano Gris 120x60


Cosmic Black 120x60

A showstopper! 
Polished, porcelain floor and wall tile with a striking print. Available in other sizes and a matt finish too. Contrasting tile: Cosmic white/grey.


Cosmic Grey 120x60

A striking porcelain polished gloss tile. This tile can transform any bathroom into pure luxury. 

cosmic white_edited.jpg

Cosmic White 120x60

The cosmic range is stunning and luxurious. The cosmic white is a polished porcelain wall and floor tile with warmer tones. 

Goes well with Cosmic grey/black

chelsea grey_edited.jpg

Chelsea Grey 28x70

Unfortunately, a discontinued tile but still stock available. 
Grey, gloss ceramic WALL tile. 

Looks great with Chelsea Maze and White 

chelsea white_edited.jpg

Chelsea White 28x70

Unfortunately, a discontinued tile but still stock available. 
Grey, gloss ceramic WALL tile. 

Looks great with Chelsea Maze and Grey

chelsea maze_edited.jpg

Chelsea Maze 28x70

Unfortunately, a discontinued tile but still stock available. 

Funky feature!
Grey, gloss ceramic WALL tile. 

Looks great with Chelsea Grey and White 

debris talc.JPG

Debris Talc 45x90

Porcelain Wall and Floor tile with a strong material nature. 
A light tile with different tones. 

decoro palm_edited.jpg

Decoro Palm 120x60

Looking for that statement piece? A feature wall? These tiles look stunning on both walls and floors, especially above a bath or in a shower. The pattern flows through to the next tile. 

decoro flora_edited.jpg

Decoro Floral 120x60

Who knew we would have wallpaper lookalike tiles? Robust porcelain for walls and floors to create a statement feature anywhere in the home!

ecolife hickory 3_edited.jpg

Ecolife Hickory 120x20/30

This porcelain, wood effect floor tile is a stunner. With warm tones yet staying light and natural - this would go in any modern home. 

Comes in two widths, with the option of laying both sizes for another feature. 

ecolife birch_edited.jpg

Ecolife Birch 120x20/30

This porcelain wood effect floor and wall tile oozes warmth and nature. A tile that truly goes with everything and would suit being laid in living areas as well as bathrooms and kitchens. 

eco life walnut_edited.jpg

Ecolife Walnut 120x30

A large, wood effect plank tile - porcelain. Another to add to the collection with deep brown tones. 

dimore grey_edited.jpg

Dimore Grey 120x60

A dramatic porcelain wall and floor tile with intense veins.

Matt finish.

epoque lilac.JPG

Epoque Lilac 120x60

Epoque is one of our favourites! New technology has created this tile with a soft super matt texture to allow even more of a feeling of natural marble. Porcelain for walls and floors and gives off some lovely warm tones - perfect paired with brushed bronze fittings. 

evo ivory_edited.jpg

Evo Stone Ivory 80x40

A best seller for the design studio. With 4 colours to choose from in stock, you can create a beautiful natural stone feel bathroom or kitchen. Simple and subtle in markings but very effective. 

Also stocked in 80x80

available in 120x60

evo stone mist_edited.jpg

Evo Stone Mist 80x40

From our best selling range, evo stone mist is a stunning light grey tile with subtle warm tones. Coming in two sizes 80x40/80x80

Perfect for any living space and nicely contrasts with the evo natural ivory or graphite. 

evo natural_edited.jpg

Evo stone Natural 80x40

Evo stone natural is one of our more brown tiles, offering a grey and brown mix with stunning veins creating a stunning natural look!
Porcelain floor and wall tile with a matt finish. Perfect for any living space. 

evostone graphite_edited.jpg

Evo Stone Graphite 80x40

Evo stone Graphite is one of our darkest tiles, offering a black backing with subtle veins running through. Perfect for a hearth, feature wall or paired with another of the evo stone family!

industrial white 120 60.jpg

Industrial White 120x60

A porcelain tile that does what it says on the box! An industrial feel tile with a metallic, rustic feel while being super modern.

Industrial white offers an extremely plain, yet effective look. Perfect to team up with almost anything, especially a decor tile!

industrial silver 120 60.jpg

Industrial Silver 120x60

Porcelain tile for walls and floors - a real industrial feel with greys and a hint of beige, varying shades across the prints allow a very plain tile to give a very effective look in any space. Perfect to team with another of the industrial collection. 

Industrial Green 120x60.JPG

Industrial Green 120x60

This tile not only gives a very industrial visual it is a deep green, perfect for a feature wall or a moody bathroom! Team it with a botanical feel or along side another industrial colour. 

industrial blue 120 60.jpg

Industrial Blue 120x60

Can only be appreciated seen on display - this blue tile is dark, moody but multi tonal and perfect for a pop of colour in your home. 

Porcelain, matt floor and wall tile. 

industrial copper 120 60.jpg

Industrial Copper 120x60

Industrial Copper is a statement piece - perfect for floors or feature walls. It goes beautifully with other tiles with gold/brown veins. 

Porcelain, matt tile for floors and walls. 

industrial black 120 60.jpg

Industrial Black 120x60

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