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You've decided it may be time to take the plunge and invest in a new bathroom. Here's some of our pointers to help you decide if it will benefit you. 


  • You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, it is used every single day - normally by multiple people. Bathrooms need to be practical and withstand the test of time. We aim for a bathroom to last up to 15 years with high quality products that can take the daily hit of family life.


  • Make it more 'you'. The options available to you are endless with colours, styles and moods. You may have moved into this home years ago and want to start making it more personal to you, rather than just a practical space. You can create your ultimate relaxing bathroom with calming colours and mood lighting. 


  • It increases your property value - if you are thinking of moving in the future, keep your choices trendy yet neutral, opening up the space as much as you can. We can advise on ways of doing this. 

  • Increasing storage capacity and reduce clutter.


  • You have existing issues with the bathroom e.g, leaking showers


  • You are ready to future proof - remove the bath, install a wet room shower and other aids appropriate. We also design and install accessible bathrooms.

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