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Why Choosing Independent Retailers Over Chain/Online Retailers is a Better Shopping Experience?

With online stores taking over, it has never been easier to create spaces or fill your homes with gadgets at much lower costs than the high street. Unfortunately, the places that work really hard in their sector, run shops, create showrooms and hire employees end up getting overlooked - and the worry is, they will start fizzling out!

As an independent, family run company we strive to make sure every customer of ours is greeted with a personal approach, is looked after and walks away feeling important - its because you are!

So why choose an independent company for your project? The cost may seem higher than one of the big chain companies out there but there is a lot of effort that goes in, sourcing individual products for individual needs and ensuring you get quality and a personal, professional and welcoming experience.

Your needs are thoroughly assessed, and professional advice can be offered for your space to ensure longevity and practicality.

It isn't about a quick, pressure sale. It isn't listening to hold music because you can't get through to an online website. It isn't about commission or competition. You are supporting a local business that has a strong passion for their industry.

  • high quality products.

  • we CARE, it's not just a sale. ( we want to build a relationship with you to ensure you feel comfortable when taking on projects in your home ).

  • customer service is often better than with bigger companies

  • supporting the local economy

  • uniqueness and variety

  • apart from having to leave your home, its JUST as easy as online, if not easier - you know exactly what you're getting and can see colours, textures and sizes, rather than taking a gamble!


Of course, budget is a major decision maker when it comes to home renovation and you may be surprised how many local retailers can help achieve varying budgets, but they will also tend to promote products they trust, that carry good warranty and are quality - so you're not spending twice!

So next time you're thinking about taking on a project, try and take a look around the independent retailers too.


If you decide to undertake a project in your home, where do you start looking?

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